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10/19/2008 12:19:48

Rute Peixoto
11/12/2008 00:07:03

Hi !
I´m a student from Portugal (i got your website thanks to youtube) and i´m working in a project named Bullying!
In Portugal we have a lot of cases of violence at schools !
And I hope you could share some information about bullying or sent to meu e-mail ( some videos about this.
Be cool !

11/15/2008 01:05:06


Bereket Gebrekidan
11/29/2008 14:20:12

i like the site. I was bullied through out my life. It hurts and i still feel the wounds. just trust in god and believe in jesus. he will set all things straight. hopefully that can help someone.

12/13/2008 06:35:49

Hey. My name is Austin. I am a web designer, student, actor, and marketing assistant.

I am vary big on the anti bully scene. I was wondering if you were looking for any help here. I can build a new website, promote, make some videos.....

I think we could have a great partnership!

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1/12/2009 11:20:51

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1/15/2009 15:25:28

Bulling were do i start Kids are evil these days >:( Most are low-lifes who think there better than you when i see stories of kids killing them selves cause of stupid bullies I think they shoud go to jail cause they caused the death and they cant deny it Iam soo pissed rite now i was bullied in gade 6 i almost gave up Then i thought "hey, Screw them iam a better person" thats the day when things changed my self esteem go very high and iam very much confident in my self iam only in grade 7 now but i try to be friends with everybody Its not rite to feel the way i felt...And i hope kids and teens that are being bullied stand up for them selves Dont be scare say "Back Off" or something i get worse the back off Lol but still i hope these "Low lifes" will finally "Get Smart"...


1/18/2009 05:06:02

I have never get bullied before, but in my school there is this one person, that everyone bullied, for no reason, but some victims is asking for it, like the person i am tell now. People call him Gaydan bcause his name is adan, he does Ballet, tap dancin, muscial theather, and gymnastics. I want to help this kid but he gets on my Nerves...

1/24/2009 01:08:53

Hey there! I really admire what you're doing, so borrowed a few clips from this webpage and made a movie (hope you guys dont mind) but if you do i will remove it. here is the movie


1/29/2009 11:57:21

I just want it to stop...... I see it alot in my school and next time I see it, I will stop it.

2/16/2009 08:13:41

i been bullied and still lack confidence now but im working on it. I am in a differnet school now to where i was bullied and people are genuinely nice to me there :) but i see people be bullied there all the time and there is this one guy i tryed to help by sitting with him in lessons and being a freind to him but peopel started taking the mick saying he was gonna take me to the prom n all that shit so i dont really sit with him any more. but thats the problem im scared to stick up for these peopel cos im worried how peopel will treat me if i do and i dont want it to all hapen again...:( like what ur doing i will do every thing i can to help stop bullying in the future :)

2/24/2009 15:12:52

I am very young, but I have been bullied. It hurts real bad. So no one Bully!

2/26/2009 20:37:38

to those who were bullied before: never give up, don't let those low life's who lack self confidence and are jealous of you to bring you down. Prove to them that you are stronger and better than them. curse to those who bully others!!!!!!!!! READ THIS: I HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!

2/28/2009 14:15:18

Hey there!

3/7/2009 05:37:06

Hey message me on msn messenger I'd be happy to sponser your site .. keep up the good work

4/8/2009 07:04:03

My name is Kyle I was born and raised in Maine through out most of my school likef I was infact bullyed. I had things stolen,made fun of and some times sexuarly hurrased. But I did the right thing by talking about it. I might be hard of hearing but that doesnt mean I wont sit there and let them do shit to me. Through out middle school it continued it took some pushing to get me to talk then eventally high school. I saw and saw that the people who once bullyed me are more mature. Sure some snide comments here and there but I iqnore it. And so be my story.

4/11/2009 17:29:04

anyone that wants to know about bullying please visit I authored TRTD. There are a lot things on there that are discussed. Peace

4/17/2009 12:11:31

u fukin queer, i know u from skool, u dnt ever fukin get bullied ur jus awkward and kant fit in in normal society so fukin dnt blame it on bullying cuz it mkes people dislike u evn mre cuz u seem like a retard like tat. one mre ting stop fukin saying things out loud, and talking like queer

4/18/2009 15:23:24

hows it going peoples
i am very angered by bullying and so i encourage everybody to fight back. not phisicly of course but mentally. now i am angered by some of these useless comments witch are really retarted
i laughed at ethan comment becuase its so stupid this guy is not going far in life. so fight back wooooooooo

4/20/2009 10:14:01

hey this site i came about by accident its crazy but ever so true .im bullied ..these girl have no reason but they always wanna fight n when i win the recruit cousins n what not its so bad they come to my home numerous times ...all the time they punch my grandmother who has cancer. they taunt my sibling who are under 12 . 9 one 12, the opth 5 n 2) yes believe me no one else takes me seriously!!!!!! its gotten to the point my mother is useless the police dont come and ive even been expelled because one day i had enough n i jumped on her ass n broke her nose and close her eyes dented her forehead even busted her lips.. its crazy... the only thing to do is leave my city but y ... what i do to them nothing..i even asked on day they were out side my house n one they recruited said they dont lik my approach but i was never friends with them they dont know girl pulled a knife out on me and tried to cut me in the i need advice n pfa's

Suzanna Wright
4/29/2009 19:07:25

Hi Chris,

Im a student currently studying Primary education at University in Australia. Your videos you have are truelly eye opening. I am particularily interested in the video of Ryan. Could you possibly send me a copy of it to my email that i could edit myself? We are presenting a workshop and have chosen to base ours around bullying. And we would like to show some raw footage, we would be incredibly grateful if you could get the video to us.

Suzanna Wright

Suzanna Wright
4/29/2009 19:13:23

Hi Chris,

If you could get back to me asap it would be incredibly appreciated.



5/11/2009 06:16:27

Check out my workbook on bullying. It's designed for 3rd thru 5th grade children, one per child. I'm looking for distributors, too.

5/23/2009 06:24:40

Guess what. "Your" Youtube videos are not yours. Don't even call them that.

Successful troll is successful

6/10/2009 00:53:35

where do most of them live like sarah and jessica they need good friends.

6/15/2009 11:02:06

first i would like to say thanks for the little movie about Sarah it helps me to now what good whats bad who to hang out and who not to who are your real friends who are nt

6/20/2009 11:45:01

I was bullied most of my childhood. People think it doesnt cause emotional issues when the person grows up but let me tell you yes it does. The pain I suffer years later is real and it doesnt go away without therapy. Stop bullying now!!!!

7/3/2009 09:26:16

i get bullied ):

7/6/2009 14:29:55


7/24/2009 10:02:17

If people say they're agaisnt bullying so much. Why don't they stop it. Me and Sami have been treated horribly by the kids at our school. I hate it. I hate me. I say i hate myself all the time. I don't understand why people hurt other people. I mean, i know i can be mean, but i immediately apologize for it. Numerous girls from our school constantly put us down and these days i still don't know how to deal with it and neither does Sami. You all say you hate bullying so much. Then why don't you try and stop it.. right now. all you guys are doing is sitting on your asses and letting the people that put people down slack their way through life.


9/27/2009 05:42:51

you creep me out, lol. Suck it

11/19/2009 07:37:01

I know how bullying is, I changed school's because of bullying, it makes my self esteam is so down now, school is hell!!!

~The "Fat" kid

12/30/2009 13:06:02

my best friend betray me then all her friends started to push me around on facebook, i might be moving schools and i cant w8

libary girl
12/30/2009 13:08:05

they call me libary girl, ive being bullied from primary school up till now, my life has just got a whole lot worse as my bets m8 betray me and got all her friends to push me around on facebook, i cry every night, wishing i'd never met her. i cant take being pushed around and might be moving to a new school soon, fingers crossed

1/26/2010 11:27:26

you know, it's pathetic that people kill themselves for being bullied. i was "bullied" from 3-8 grade, and guess what? i got over it. i used to cry, but then i realized, how often will i see this person after the school year? the "bullies" are gonna pass through your life like most other people you know...therefore, these kids should learn to put a hard shell over their esteem and get over, those who did kill themselves aren't angels floating in the sky.. they are in hell because God does not like for us to take our own lives.
they were truly dumb

2/7/2010 10:52:43


3/2/2010 22:28:59

Dude you suck, uninstall your life.

I'll find where you live, go in your house, find where you sleep, and then SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH!

i, zombie
3/3/2010 11:36:40

I can't imagine why anyone would want to kill themselves...its so selfish. I was bullied from grade 6-8 and then when I hit high school it stopped. I'm almost out and I've been getting bullied again, and its even worse, but I'm almost out and it doesn't matter. Like benjamin said, you'll never see those people again.

3/11/2010 08:36:59

I zombie - It will get better .. if you like to chat hit me off my site I don't mean to spam this link but it's away to get a hold of me

4/7/2010 21:05:10

I just read an article about bulling and suicide and it really caught my heart.I've never experienced bulling but I think it's really horrible and I wish I could help somehow.Guys,if any of you are bullied and you don't have anyone to talk to please contact me.You can at least share your pain with me,I will do my best to help you.All the best to you guys,be strong.
My email: ,I hope leaving email is not against rules.

5/24/2010 14:26:12

Wow. I'm almost 58 and it's true. I was bullied in middle school. It never leaves you. A particular incident haunts me to this day, I even decided not to leave my real name. My heart breaks for those who are being bullied, and who have taken their life for it. I sincerely appreciate what you are trying to do for these kids--back then, we had no one to talk to.

5/26/2010 15:05:21

In fact, whenever I was at work at the hospital,later on in life, and they were having a meeting,I'd be paranoid the whole time thinking they were talking about me. And wondering if I was going to get fired or something. Always wondering if I was good enough. I'm better about it now, but after being the victim of a viscous rumor (small town) kind of recently, it felt just like I was being bullied. All over again.

Johan H
6/3/2010 13:39:21

I think we should kill the bullies cause what they do is unforgiveable i personally beated up the bullies of my school and still do if they try to bully me or any other person that guy's head is mine i myself got bullied since i started school and when i was 7 i started beating them up which helped for me as a nice time consuming part during school and helping my fellow friends who got bullied. anyway i have more to say and all but i think this is already to big for just a comment anyway if u wanna talk about anything just add me on msn.

6/18/2010 10:22:47

Bullying is terrible i was bullied from primary school and secondary and 6thform i had to run home some nights and lock my door behind me because people were chasing me trying to beat me, and id never tell. Id just hide til they were gone and do the same the next day, eventually i started skipping school and i ruined my grades and tests. Now i see they weren't worth it but im 18 no and im having to start over with my grades and im actually attending. They ruined and made me waste a good 12 years of my life. They aren't worth it i know thats hard to believe i never did, and iv had thoughts and a few attempts at suicide, but they will leave and you'll still have the people who love you and life will go on if you just give it a chance. Contact me if you want to talk ill always be willing to help. Lifes worth it so live it.

8/13/2010 03:14:14

Why would some people love to hurt others. Why is it so much fun for them. Even how looser that person is, he/she still do need RESPECT, instead of bullying, try helping that person to live a normal life just like everybody else.

I hate to see weak person being bullied. Stand up and Fight back!!!! Sometimes, others need to get hurt to learn their lesson.

10/21/2010 22:00:39

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10/23/2010 14:05:54

I just do not understand why people could be so cruel to each other were all human and have feeling of course if you get bullied to the point you can not live your live no more please do not harm yourself just stay positive and soon you will see better day.

10/31/2010 21:45:53

The journey of life are many, have smooth also have difficulties, Every busy who are all looking forward to reap the harvest are sweet, But also have bitter. Whether officer is poor, People is rich is flemingia all difficult to buy healthy physique, So I hope you will always happy.

11/24/2010 07:49:04

last year i was bullied i dident tell anyone that left me in a dark world were they would say i was the one who had lice i was the one who can spread diseases and i hurt me inside now those two girls moved away and im finally in a brighter world!!!

11/29/2010 14:01:06

I will never forget the splendid time we spent together.

12/15/2010 14:52:39

I'm Rebekah and i am a victim of bullying. I've been bullied from ages 12 all the way to 16. Even though I have moved on and now living a happy bully-free life, I just want to let youknow that those words and wounds truely stick with you always. Please just think before you talk because no body wishes for a tourtorus life.

Jessy in Japan
12/28/2010 22:00:37

Hi, I saw your youtube video. I'm 39, I'm an E.S.L. teacher in Japan. I moved near Tokyo 9 years ago with my husband from western Canada. I want you to know that I care about you. You are a sweet, unique and very cool person. I had a hell of a time off and on until about grade 10.
You can do so much by joining a forum and supporting hurt kids. There are all kinds of kids and adults who understand you. I certainly do, in the 80's I had a unique fashion style too. God Loves you and I'm asking God to introduce you to the best friends. I recommend some Christian books. One I read is called "Boundries" it might be good. I also like the comic/anime picture Bible. Love from Jessy

1/3/2011 16:00:43

I was never bullied until 6th grade. For some reason they decided to make sixth grade an elementary grade so I was still in elementary.
I decided I'd ride the bus that year to make it easier on my mom. Of course everyone on the bus was very obnoxious. But I sat near these 3rd and 4th graders who thought they were gangsters. One day they decided to make up this little hand thing and if you looked at it you were gay. He showed the thing and then laughed at my little brother for looking. I then said how stupid it was that by looking at someones hand you were auddenly gay. He said whatever you got a zit on your face har har har ( no kidding that's his laugh ) I then was like WTF for I did not have a zit. Then I kicked his shin and he said whatever it didn't hurt. Then it was my stop so I got off all poed. I never rode that bus again. I hatehow little ********* of kids are raised. That really shows how his parents are and how he's going to turn out when he's older. It still bothers me though I wish I wouldve popped him one in the face. And whenever I'm driving by, I see him riding his little bike and I wanna like flip him off or pull over and kick his ass, but I try to be
Mature and just drive by. This happened last year yet I'm still bothered and feel like I let him get away and like I can't defend myself. Any tips?

1/19/2011 12:45:11

Hey , I get bulleyed at school alot and I am hoping that this site can help me cause I don't like this and it doesn't feel good one or more people expescialy 1 girl who is a month younger than me can you guys please help me ??

1/23/2011 08:00:19

Bullying can be so brutal. I feel like people don't realize how truly horrifying it can be, or choose not to face the truth. There is a film coming out this year that sheds light on the brutality of high school bullying in a way we've never seen before. The film is called "Bullycam".

Check it out and show your support for this important film!

2/22/2011 05:39:00

my name is Rada, im 14 years old and im in year 9.
i have been a victim of bullying since the day i started year 7, i wasn't and still isn't one of those pretty girls with a good figure, the smart ones that all ways gets the answers correct, im not the popular girl who has everyone on their side. I'm just Me.
it all started with a bunch of rumors, it stretched to secrets being formed into lies, a photo leaked out to the school on the internet of me, people used it against me, black mailing me to do\say things for them.
i've been called all the horrible names in the book so far, ive been picked on, harrased, teased , threatend, honestly im sick of it, ive tried telling the deputy but that only makes things worst, ive tried talking to the councilor but talking about it just makes me sadder then i already am.
after a year of this i have just given up, during year 8 i havnt been to school for more than half a year because each time i make an effort to attend school i end up coming home with tears rolling down my face, i cant talk to my parents about it because i feel ashamed that it is all my fault. I am left alone to deal with this all by myself, and to be honest, im running out of strength, im getting weaker by the minute and im breaking into pieces.
being bullied isn't a great thing to be apart of, it tears you apart completely and leaves you in a broken, lonely mess.
im on the verge of a breakdown, and im afraid if this goes on any longer that i might do something that i'll regret and i don't want that to happen at all.
please help me ?

3/20/2011 10:31:53


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3/27/2011 05:59:41


i know exactly what being bully felt like..i was called fat for 4 years as well as being ugly. There was one kid in particular who would scrape my school bad along the floor and rip my bag open so my books would come out. He also constantly teased me for being ugly and every girl i liked would instantly reject me and make fun of me constantly. finally after 4 years i left the school and moved to a completely different country. Since then my life has totally changed around, i have a beautiful girlfriend and i have the best friends anyone could ask for. so from experience, for all the young kids who are getting bullied right now, just keep in there and i promise things will change and get better. I saw the kid that once bullied me last year...i wanted to smack him in the face so hard for making my life miserable for years...but the best feeling in the world was when he asked for forgiveness and apologized. So trust me...things will get better :) true story

Joseph Leon
4/6/2011 08:00:36

Hey I know how all these people feel cause i was bullied ever since i got to middle school and i always thought it was my fault cause i wasn't defending myself and i was about to do something worse than in my whole life and they arrested me and took me to the hostpital in San Deigo to help me with my Suiside thoughts and i'd wanted to get out of there but i knew that it had to help me cause my family cared and all of my friends but i'd always thought my family didn't care about me and i'd knew that when i get out of the place i was going to feel free and i did! So i stand up for myself and post it and now im in a debate team on Why should Students be expelled for any type of cyberbulling and i hope it will spread across the whole countries in the world!
Joseph Leon

5/16/2011 08:48:30

Sweethearts & Heroes is an organization that was started to empower kids to take action and become someone’s hero. Please visit our facebook page and share your story, we can’t battle this problem if we don’t start taking action. Remember, “We all have the power to be someone’s Hero!”

9/20/2011 00:45:39

Hi All,

MTV and Firecracker Films are making a powerful and groundbreaking film that explores the universal stories of young people all over the world who have been affected by bullying, and gives a voice to those who want to make a stand.

So, if you've been bullied, are being bullied at the moment or have a story that will give others hope then please get in touch, as our experienced team would love to hear from you. There is absolutely no obligation to take part - we'd just like to tell you more about the project and see if it's something you'd like to be involved in. All correspondence will be dealt with in total confidence.

We believe this project is important and unique in giving a voice to those who have fallen victim to bullying – thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.

You can contact us at or on +44 (0)207 349 3492.

If you need any more information on the documentary please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much, I hope to hear from you soon.


4/9/2012 21:26:58

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Tia Hinton
11/14/2012 20:44:25

This is my anti bullying site
Hope you like


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